End Of Humanity

A picture from maternity ward of Kabul . The woman sitting next to babies has lost her mother.

Kiya waka ma rozo ma shitan band ho jata hai. To pir wo log kon tha.

Yes , you got me right . I am writing about the terrorist attack on maternity ward in Kabul. Are those people insane?

On the gloomy day of May 14,2020. A group of people opened gunfire on maternity ward and felt several innocent people lifeless. Few lost their children and several mother’s left their children in this cruel world.

Amina was a little angle just opened her eyes 40 min before this massacre. This attack took her mother and grand daughter away . Her little glittering eyes were full of full of ambitions and dreams . She was blessed to her parent several years of their marriage. How much desperate her mother would be hold her in her arms and feel the joy of life. Definitely , she would have gone through lot of pain in order to bring her to this world. A world full of SHATANS. Amina you were in better place before birth believe me.

What we are doing? ?

Playing a blame game ..

Making excuse and mourning on deaths..

Please let us live !

May all martyrs rest in peace Allah grant them high ranks in jannah.

Please Amina and several other infants in massacre for give us . We can not do any thing for you . We are weak and coward . You all are supper heroes. I pray you all have a peaceful and safe life ahead.

Are we on right track🔎

We are living in era where we, WOMEN are doing wonders. We have some super women who are unique in there own way and are no less than others.

Lets start with Malala Yousafzai . A young brave women who fought against Taliban for education. She is the fighter of education for women and children.

Next in list comes Sabrina Paterski ” The new Einstein “

She is an amazing 25 years old girl who at the young age of 15 created her own engine airplane.

Melinda Gates ; A philanthropist , business woman and passionate advocate for women and girls.

Yousra Mardini ; A girl born in Syria and flee to Germany to safe her life after seeing her love ones losing their lives in war. In spite of every thing she proves herself and took part in Summer Olympics 2016.

This list will continue …

Alas! What we are doing as society . We are doing body shaming of others . Criticising our young girls on their colour complexion and compelling them to use “Fairness Beauty cream” .

Believe me when 50 years woman in family gatherings tell a young girl that she is fat and needs to loss her weight and become skinny like her daughter stabs us inside . This shatters her self confidence .

God has created this world so perfect . If every one needs to be zero size and fair as flour than why HE created such beautiful shades of skin and bless us with curves.

Please think before you speak . I always say that world has move to skies and we as Asian’s has stuck to body shaming and other flaws like this than how can we progress.

At least, we as young generation will not carry this legacy and try to create a better place for our daughters.

Life during quarantine

It’s almost a month we are at home. All the social activities are at halt. We are following the precaution of social distancing …

No family gathering

No friends meet up

Some of us are really depress due to the current situation.I am a strong believer that Everything happens for a good reason

I think this social distancing is a blessing for us. We human beings has become robots. We only do work work and work . Our weekend has turned into days to do extra work.

Family time has just vanished from our lives. We as children forget our parents birthday’s and wedding anniversaries and our parents forget to help us in our school project , they leave us at the hand’s of maid and care takers because they are busy in making money for us. I am not saying this is wrong but I think excess of everything is bad.

Lets celebrate and cherish this time and have a firm believe on God . The black cloud of CORONA will vanish soon and a new bright morning will come with lots of blessing.

This is a tough time please cooperate with your government. Stay home and stay safe.

Lets combat together 💕

2020, a year that hit hard to mankind of earth . Yes , I am talking about covid 19 a deadly virus that has shaken whole world . This small , tiny virus compelled us to accept that there is SUPERPOWER above sky who control everything.

Although, this is a tough time but we need to realise the power of BROTHERHOOD . How could we sleep easily when our neighbour is hungry? Let us join hands with each other and combat this tough time .